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Our menus are changed daily.  The items listed are only examples and may not reflect daily menus.

Lunch Menu –


Mussels      8
black fettucini, grape tomatoes, white wine garlic broth
Beef Empanadas      7
jardiniere, tomatillo salsa
Spicy Tomato Egg Drop Soup     6
poached farm egg, Vietnamese herbs
Seafood Gazpacho     8
avocado, peppers   
Gulf Shrimp Salad      8
baby greens, kale, cucumber, galangal vinaigrette
Arugula Salad      6
pickled sweet onion, roasted red & poblano peppers, Nicoise olives,
Ryal’s Farm goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette

Green Salad      6
cherry tomatoes, pickled shimeji mushrooms,
Banyuls vinaigrette


Vegetable Lasagna 12
local farmers’ market squashes, eggplant, roasted garlic, fresh ricotta
Gulf Shrimp and Fish  14
edamame, cherry tomatoes, corn broth, grilled sweet onion
Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Bruschetta 12
arugula, poached farm egg
Chicken Breast and Confit Leg12
Israeli couscous, roasted garlic
Fudge Farms Pork Chop  14
Italian peppers, grilled squashes, honey glaze 
Painted Hills Farm Hanger Steak Salad  12
baby greens, goat cheese, pickled eggplant & fennel, olives, red wine vinaigrette
Smoked Duck Confit Salad  13
baby greens, baby beets, pea shoots, sherry vinaigrette, shaved Parmesan

~Prixe FixeOne first, One main, Sorbet of the Day~20


Smoked Pork                                        10
Sriracha aïoli, pickled onions, French fries
Merguez Sausage                                     10
roasted peppers, tomato sauce, baby lettuce salad
Pastrami                    10
tomato, arugula, house-made Creole mustard, French fries

Dinner Menu –


Veal Sweetbreads                                    11
risotto, baby shiitake mushrooms, sage
Buratta Mozzarella Crostini                               10
Creole tomato, zucchini, eggplant, balsamico                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pork Cheeks12
raw vegetable salad, Italian herbs, fried spring onion 
Foie Gras Torchon                                    17
brioche, Maras Farm sunflower shoots, truffle vinaigrette
Lamb Merguez 9
lentils du puy, pickled peppers
Oxtail Ravioli11
eggplant, olive, tomato, Pecorino Toscano
Spicy Tomato Egg Drop Soup 8
poached farm egg, Vietnamese herbs
Arugula Salad 7
pickled sweet onion, peppers, Nicoise olives, Ryal’s farm goat cheese
Smoked Duck Confit 12
baby greens, sugar snap peas, baby beets, sherry vinaigrette


Flounder                                        25
kale, silver queen corn broth, cherry tomatoes, edamame, grilled young sweet onion
Chicken Breast and Confit Leg                                24
Israeli couscous, Fairytale eggplant, peppers, roasted garlic, fried red spring onion
Lamb Loin from Niman Ranch                            31
goat cheese tortelloni, ratatouille, kalamata olive tapenade, basil
Gulf Shrimp                                   26
coconut broth, baby bok choy, pickled shimeji mushrooms, basil coulis, fried ginger
Duck Leg and Pork Belly                                         25
stone fruits, house-pickled vegetables, blueberry jus
Pork Loin from Fudge Farms                       24
grilled, sweet potato patty, lacinato kale, mango glaze
Vegetable Lasagna                                   18
local farmers’ market squashes, eggplant, roasted red & poblano peppers, roasted garlic, fresh ricotta
Steak Frites                                        25
Harris Ranch hanger steak, foie gras-marrow butter, Parmesan French fries

Specialty Cocktails –

Winter Lily
Hussong’s Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, Cranberry, Cardamom, Chocolate Bitters, Flamed Orange

Herbsaint Legendre Absinthe, Fresh Ginger, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Crushed Herbal Ice

Western Disguise
Oronoco Rum, Well of Wisdom Sake, Campari, Pineapple, Soy, Sweet Basil

Gin Gluhwein
Aviation Gin, Velvet Falernum, Mulled Wine, Satsuma, Meyer Lemon

Sundani Sail
10 Cane Rum, Batavia Arrack, Strawberry Gastrique, Orange, Lime, Rose Syrup, Orange Flower Water

In Heated Absence
Jalepeno-Infused Limoncino, Kubler Absinthe, Creme de Violette, Egg White

Todo Bien
Sombra Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Pineapple, Coriander, Sage

Rye and Bitters

Blueberry-Infused Krogstad Aquavit, Lillet Blanc, Gran Classico Bitters